The Slots Wager

"Slots", he scoffed, but then I had heard it all before. "You call yourself a gambling expert yet you suggest, in your books, that slots is one of the better bets in the casino?" "Sam" is a blackjack player, an educated card counter and 'grind' player extraordinaire.

I patiently asked what he earned per hour on an average night? Using the previous evening as an average he replied, "$80/hour" for 4 hours play, $320. The wager was about to begin: "I will play dollar slots for four hours with a starting bankroll of $200, and if I win more than $320, you will play slots with me for 1 hour and get "slot educated"---deal?. I knew that if he lost, the payback of playing a game he hated would be a far worse scenario that handing over any amount of money to me. The first 2 hours found me with only $100 ahead, but I wasn't worried. I was enjoying myself free of the pressures of any blackjack or craps 'grind' player who must master total concentration with thought processes totally focused on their current hand/dealer hand or roll of the dice - ow that hurts! Not to mention card counters who constantly need to "not" look like they are counting cards.

Yes, I'll admit that the casino has a house advantage with slots, however learning and knowing valuable information that can help determine if and how I play certain slots has served me well in the past. I continue my quest as before, by observing casino slot locations, slot types and payouts. Many versions are spread before me: Multiplier, Bonus Multiplier, "Wild" Multiplier - couldn't resist these newest bonus versions; Buy Your Pay, and Double Machines. I always start any slot session by seeking out Double, Triple Diamond, and RWB 7's and analyzing their location before playing. Slot Testing is recommended before continued play on any chosen slot.

I stayed away from Progressives for this wager as a larger bankroll was required; besides the newer Bonus Slots were calling. Monopoly, Elvis and Reel 'Em In bonus slots completed my last hour of play to put me over the top.

Sam met me at the casino entrance and as I showed him $645, I also asked if he would like a drink before our slot education class. I figured he needed one; but I did not rub salt in the wound by relating to him that I normally charge for a "Hot Slots" seminar; advice he was getting for free; far be it from me to gloat! Turns out, he warmed to Double Diamond, RWB 7's and Monopoly - not a sore loser but no convert, I'm sure.

Now I know that a certain amount of luck was involved in this wager, but I still contend that there are specific strategies that can be learned to improve your slot profits. Not all slots are alike.

Slot machines sell "the dream" - we know that, however you can improve your chances of attaining that dream whatever your current "wish list" may be.

70%+ of casino players participate in a slots competition as they take up the casino challenge. Why? Because we like the action, the adrenlin rush, the contest, and yes - the risk factor - we thrive on it: life is a risk.

We want to shed our everyday routine for the fun and excitement of a comfortable, seductive surrounding that offers a possible payback and comps. What other form of entertainment offers the player a return on their investment? Slots offer privacy, no intimidation factor and with new Bonus Slots; a varied slot selection awaits us for an exhilirating sensory casino experience.

Play with a game plan within your limits, but most important, have fun!